users, new and old:

If you're running/upgrading to , i.e. pureos testing, you might want to think twice before using , at least for the time being. From what I can tell, there seems to be some quite major dependency issues.

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Regarding GitLab, you should be able to read a project's readme without enabling JS on the site.

Regarding Pleroma, FunkWhale, PeerTube, and so on, you should be able to read an instance's rules without enabling JS on the site.

I shouldn't have to run programming code just to find out what a website is about.


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We need your support in finding a video hosting platform, that is comfortable with our content

(an anarcho-feminist group that is squatting to redistribute those living spaces to those in need)

and that promotes content that we can be comfortable with.

(boost appreciated)

@hambibleibt pointed out that #peertube, even so their idea of building a federated video hosting platforms is super great, are disgusting when it comes to moderation a point that their platform actively promotes facism and conspiracy theories.

Yes, youtube does that too, but if peertube isn't any better in that aspect it's simply not an alternative.
it was via this post:

the question is:

Is there a peertube instance that could fit our values of being antifacists, feminsits and anarchists?

Is there another platform that you could advice instead of peertube, that preferable is also freesoftware?

Does it make sense to hope that the peertube devs change their attitude, or is that a waste of time?

What can we do, to make them change their attitude?

#freesoftware #antifacism #feminism

A heart that hurts, is a heart that works.

Apply to everything.

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If anyone needs specific uni textbooks, please send me a dm or email (boosts appreciated)

It still amazes me that , or content, so often is the focal point of public/professional debates about .

But historically, so much has consisted of . Watching someone go in and out of a building, meeting someone, calling someone, travelling somewhere, etc.

It's so obvious that metadata can be as revealing as the actual data. I'm suspecting the rhetoric of "protecting data" is either 1) willfully misleading, 2) ignorant, 3) indolent, or 4) all of the above.

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FYI covid19 is disproportionately infecting and killing black folks in the US.


1) Repeated listening to Mono:

2) Manically browsing the , to remind me of the difference between where I'm forced to be, and where I belong.

3) Breathing.

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#BigBlueButton and #NextCloudTalk #VideoConference: Performance & Maximum Users

4 fine up to 4 users [b]
5 fine with video; up to 20 audio only [f]
>5 performance gets problems [a]
50 seems to work with high performance backend [f]

8 fine, few crashes [c]
19 fine with students [g]
45 worked well, some issues with slow internet. It can handle much more users if users muted & turn off video [d]
>100 for presentation; complicated if >25 users use video [e]

See reply for sources

zoom, crisis, decentralization 

When I'm talking about alternatives to , I'm talking about viable alternatives for as many people as possible. In these times of crisis, simplicity is crucial. Again, I think offers that, as well as being reasonably and .

For me personally, though, the crisis has forced me to face my fear of .

Now is the time.

More , more , more , more .

More giving, less taking.

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#KABI is now, beside #Mumble and #Jitsi, also offering #BigBlueButton at (free in April).

For those who want to use it, please shoot me a message for an invite. I'd like to verify that it's used only for schooling or hackspace conferencing or similar purposes. For private conferences you still can use KABImeeting without any registrations.

After the first few sessions with a couple of students, I'm happy to say that works perfectly. Anyone looking for a that's and reasonably and should give it a try.

If you're a you might also want to look into whether is integrated in your

For anyone thinking about moving from to :

The recent updates to has made it a much more stable system, at least on my devices. I had some problems before with and (the connection kept turning itself on and off), but now they are pretty much nonexistent. Overall, the system runs very smoothly.


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I hope that one of the lessons we take away from this crisis is the utter destruction wrought by commuting.

What if working in the same physical place was saved for rare occasions?

What if we better integrated our home and work lives without the need to be elsewhere.

What if we didn't have to work during the same hours if we're in the same city or timezone?

What if we spent our time socializing, working; at home, in cafes, bars, restaurants, libraries, close to home?

What if we stopped building edifices of glass, concrete, and steel and instead grew communities?

You already know the answer.

I've spent the weekend trying to test alternatives to , but I'm unable to publish any kind of list or guide, except here.

Primarily I'd recommend (, especially if one's unfamiliar with self-hosting.

( might also work, the ui is a bit complex, though.

, , and require finding a trustworthy instance/provider, or self-hosting. And video won't work in Safari.


Re and , I believe some kind of simple overview would be useful. I'm working on creating something like that, and publish it on a simple blog.

I'll be grateful for any tips about or software as well as information about/experience with them (re , , , , compatbility , etc.).

So far, I've tested/researched the following:


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I was on Al Jazeera Live today and spoke about how we must remain vigilant in the face of surveillance capitalists and governments that want to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to widen their dragnets.

You can watch the recording on my blog:

#surveillance #COVID19

Searching for alternatives to , that's reasonably and , to use, , and :

- is overall good, but supports only two participants on video calls
- is also good, but video isn't (natively?) supported in Safari
- seems good, but might not work well outside of GNU/Linux
- seems okay, minus tracking on their website
- is what I suspect would work best, but I haven't tried Talk (yet)

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