New system architectural pattern: The vendor-neutral cluster monster. Notable implementations include OpenStack, Kubernetes and Mesos/Marathon.

Spending 4 hours to rebase a branch because YAML indentations changed.

Moved from Macbooks to Thinkpad/Linux during the last month. Also from Firefox to Chromium.

Life's pretty damn good with Arch and Sway these days, at least on AMD hardware. Battery life is a bit so and so, but fortunately I'm stuck at home anyway so whto cares.

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If you're not paying for the product, you're not a customer, your are a cow.

A cow. On a farm. Your job isn't to have a say in how the platform is run, it's to stay in your pen, make milk, and make more cows.

While typescript the language looks like a fine thing, java/typescript the community is filled with such incompetency that it makes PHP look like a good university.

It's that time of the week. Docker sucks.

This was our fault in the end (unsurprisingly) although AWS's error message did not give us any clues.

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Yesterday I made an AWS product do very brokken things by doing very normal things with cloudformation. Awesome.

is actually pretty ok. It has the lowest "causes nausea" => "this is pretty ok" times I've ever experienced with a programming language.

Why oh why do people indent TOML files?! That's not how to write TOML.

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I know it's low of me, but seeing Scott Adams be perplexed and sad makes me happy.

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#nim-lang is like the perfect beach lounger to relax in while recovering from RTSS (Rust Traumatic Stress Syndrome). :)
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