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Richard Stallman 

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Unpopular opinion(?): programming language choice matters a lot for a software project. I'm not just talking about "choosing the right tool for the job", I'm talking about the fact that some programming languages are simply strictly better than others. Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out what makes a language better in this way, but I'm absolutely certain the effect exists.

Are there people in the world who look at something like Eclipse and say to themselves: "This is a good tool"?

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yum info rsh-server

The rsh-server package should be installed to enable remote access from other machines

No, no it should not.

yum info talk

Install talk if you'd like to use talk for chatting with users on different systems.

or… maybe don't do that.

yum info telnet-server

Telnet is a popular protocol for logging into remote systems over the Internet.


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"The Road to Zig 1.0"

"So, here's what I'm saying right now... I didn't go in and say like gonna put in my language hat ...gonna go read some whitepapers and let's see how to do generics. No no. I just took C, deleted the bad stuff from it, and then generics like fell on to my lap."

If someone still has doubts whether we need a world government with real power, check out what's happening in Brazil's rain forests and explain to me how such problems can be fixed.

I wish there existed software/systems architecture tools.

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Master/Slave terminology in computing 

Tried Sublime Text again after 4ish years. Holy crap it's fast. Thanks for lowering my expectations, Electron craps :)

Also just clipped my hair back to 5mm and removed that beard. Pictures upcoming if I ever manage to make a photo that doesn't make me look like I'm dying in the next 2 weeks.

Just doubled down on Trump losing the presidency. Come on, Democrats, make me rich!

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