My new favourite thing, outtakes spliced into videos as if they were part of the real thing:

RIP Firefox I guess. I just wish Safari would have uMatrix or something comparable.

I thought I was good in English, but turns out that to my ears "thighland" and "thailand" are the same word

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Ever wondered why flies are doing all that rubbing? Maybe you haven't watched close enough.

Vacation starting. I kinda want to learn Common Lisp, like properly. I have a dozen books and no project ideas though, so this will probably go brilliantly

After using for 20+ years, I have replaced coffee in my life with cacao and tea. I'm barely functional right now, but possibly getting better.

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Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

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It's about time we stopped buying into the propaganda phrase "ad blockers", and started calling user-protection tools like #uBlockOrigin and #NoScript what they are; spy blockers. If I display ads on my website using HTML and CSS, spy blockers won't block those. As far as they know, the text, images, audio, or video that make up the ads could be anything. So what's really being blocked is not ads, but tracking. Thanks to the authors of this site, for pointing this out:

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