Ah, yes, just remembered why is a fucking nightmare to use as a development platform.

pornographics words 

Go home, DuckDuckGo, you're drunk. Aren't these results kinda weird given the search query?

Let's Try Anonymous Pull Requests

Pull requests are great, but they would be even better if they were anonymous.


Find Free Photos Firefox Extension v1.4 Released

Good news, everyone! The kids stayed in bed a little longer than usual this morning, which gave me the time to give the Find Free Photos Firefox Extension a minor overhaul.

Back in 2018, I published a post describing how you can find free, high quality photos online. I also released a Firefox extension so you can search several free stock photo


2020: The Year of No Social Media?

Late last year, one of the more voices in the Linux community, Bryan Lunduke, announced his 2020 New Year's resolutions. One of Lunduke's resolutions was to cut social media out of his life, a thought that has crossed my mind as well.

Here's a quote from his Patreon post, 2020 New Year's Resolution: No Social Media, No Cellular Data:

Yep. Cutting Social


How To Use KeePassXC with Firefox

After having installed KeePassXC on Windows 10, and followed the convenient user guide to store our first password, it's now time to learn how to use KeePassXC with Firefox.

Even though you can safely store all kinds of accounts, passwords and notes in KeePassXC, it's likely that the majority of what you will store are usernames and pass


Jeg lurer på hvor mange Nordmenn som tror at Syden faktisk er et land.

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