Start contributing to KDE Plasma! Here's a tutorial that explains how the panel code works that should get you started:

Want to contribute to KDE?
Here's a tutorial on how to set up your developer environment!

Want to create a KDE Plasma theme? Here's part 4 of my guide!

"Unboxing" and trying for the first time the @PINE64 pinephone, @kdecommunity version!
Spoiler alert: some bugs, and a lot of promising features!

DEVLOG: Adaptive Transparency comes to KDE Plasma 5.22, meaning that you can set your panel to become opaque when a window is maximize, or turn off transparency entirely!

Wanna create a beautiful application? Follow the premiere Kirigami coding session tomorrow at 11AM! I will go through the new Kirigami tutorial :D

Creating your own KDE Plasma Theme? Part 3 of my guide is out!

Want to create your own KDE Plasma theme? Here's part 2 of my guide!

Want to create your own KDE Plasma Theme? Here's a guide on how to make one, no code required!

Check out Plasma's new adjustable margin areas and learn how you can use it to pimp your Plasma theme:

Latest news from the Consistency goal: introducing the new applet appearance, improvements on Calligra and Maui + Kirigami, and possibly a virtual sprint in the near future!

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Got a great idea for a desktop wallpaper? Want to win a cool prize? Check out our KDE Plasma 5.16 wallpaper competition, bask in the admiration of hundreds of thousands of Plasma users, and win a Slimbook One computer.

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Discussing languages & free software with @BeeslackHigh school students and why they should make #KDE part of their future with KDE neon and GCompris

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KBruch is a small program from #KDE to practice calculating with fractions and percentages on #Linux. Different exercises are provided for this purpose and you can use the learning 👩‍🏫 mode to practice with fractions.

snap install kbruch

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KDE Apps - The Movie: Discover all the cool features and goodies coming to a distro near you! 🍿

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Check out the #Plasma tutorial for power users in Linux Magazine issue 218. Available at your local newsstand or online at

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Plasma Mobile coming to a Necuno phone 📱 near you! Check out the new open device that'll install KDE's mobile environment:

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