no more discourse, only complimenting lesbian tootuals

@Lunaf1917 i clicked on the tumblr link in your bio and i saw the raddest rat ive ever seen holy shit nice

@pathfinder2e you literally like all of my shitposts and i can't comprehend how you're this good

@kioskwitch good name you're literally why im gonna be able to pass my ling exam monday tysm

@bestcat idk what you are besides a cat posting cats but that makes you an honorary lesbian in my book! you can pick up your battleaxe on monday

@velexiraptor what did I do? But glad to accidentally help! you are a good presence on my tl and for that I am glad

hey ur so fuckin good and wonderful and i'm so glad ur my tootual 💕💖❤💖❤💕💕

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