Hey, it has been so long since I have been on here.

Aw, I have done what my first toot said.
"some account I made that I ignore"
Aw frickity frack!

I love Ben Shapiro, I agree with most of the things he says. He is a savage on twitter most of the time, and is also very active on there. He seems like a great guy to meet.

It's 2018, why are people still shy and weird about asking someone out still called a weirdo or something?

Democrats and Atheists are one of the rudest groups of people I have ever met. It is sad that people like that can be so hateful. I have only met like a few Democrats and Atheists that are nice. One is my best friend.

So, I'm on this forum, and I made this thread about an asshole on twitter. Apparently, I should never show my twitter publically through pictures on that forum because now they are attacking me because I am an independent person who has opinions.

Just making away and listening to music.

Nice life. If only coding wasn't so frustrating as a beginner. I fear that it will continue to get more frustrating as I go on. Someone please tell me otherwise.

I swear, whoever in the world gave my email to spam sites and stuff will pay for what they have done.

Hello! This is my first toot on my Mastodon account! Hopefully this will become my go to social media account and not some account I made that I ignore.


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