It would seem CBS may finally get my money with this new Picard series. Fully Human Seven of Nine is a wonderful thing I never thought I'd get to see

Holy shit. I recently learned about the overlay on nearly every image on modern websites and I'm like "wtf why did no one tell em about this years ago". My god the difference it makes in literally everything I design for print!

There is a special kind of “tired of the world” that leads you to try to stick your right contact in your left eye, on top of the left contact you just inserted. That’s where I am today.

Year 1 in new house: fluffy powder, 2 hrs to shovel including pile from plows
Year 2 in new house: fluffy powder, 2 hrs to shovel including pile from plows
Year 3, bought electric snowblower: literal slushy falls from the sky for 16 hrs; not even gonna look at it til noon

#Daredevil Season 3 Spoilers 

I'm glad this season stuck to Matt and his issues, especially the Sister Maggie reveal we were all hoping for. The show was all the better for it; like, season 1 good. At no point in the series did my mind stray to any of the Defenders whatsoever, except perhaps a brief Punisher cameo for Karen's arc (which was out-fucking-standing, btw.) And then make me feel bad for Bullseye, holy shit, these writers should be walking away with a cartload of Emmys this year!

Huge Star Trek fan here, but I got to say: The Orville is better than all the recent Star Trek franchises I've seen.

You can roast me now.

Hey y'all, I've been using in order to test sites made with . Can anyone point me to another totally free site (again, just for testing) that lets me publish directly via FTP in my editor? TIA

The school bus that my son should be on just pulled up. Would've been so awesome to meet him as he stepped off the bus. Mom ain't havin' it tho. She'd rather drive him back and forth every day like he's in mortal danger on the bus. Meanwhile, he's missing out on non-school socializing that I think is crucial to his development.

I think my favorite time for a customer to call for a PC refresh is definitely 3pm on a Friday afternoon.

Using an image of a toddler being taught to use a computer to represent the help desk is probably offensive, right?

I was supposed to be making website changes today. Never even opened Mobirise. I seriously need some motivation.

@venkuskirata he's wondering why people are telling him to spoiler his posts about US politics

peak wesley

And we've entered the KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope phase of my evening. This means I'm about to go mix a cocktail that's really only liquor.

No entiendo porque es que los Españoles se ponen a tootear a la 1 de la mañana casi todos. Quien me lo puede explicar?

I always know when i've moved from bad mood to full on depressed by the music I end up listening to. If Melankton's playing, it's going to be a while LOL

Today was supposed to be a productive day. Make real progress on the company website, take care of a couple trouble tickets, finish a major proposal. Instead, it's 1pm and I've done nothing but yell at all morning. I really need to get an office.

If you’re new to Mastodon, the two best clients are and . I believe is where you wanna go for .

These afternoon Yankees games make my commute a goddamn hell on earth. Not a quiet spot anywhere on this train

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