Gotta get my masto fix while berries is down so don’t mind me as I snort some social toots

It’s still wack to me how y’all do prices in America. Why do you not include taxes in the price. Like I wanna buy this fucking drink for 3 dollars, I get my money out and ready and then it is in fact like 3.23 or some shit. It’s like a guessing game every time

okokok y'all ready for this?
Venom, sleek black skin, absolutely DRENCHED in glitter and neon lights
#venomgang #venom

what they dont tell you is the higher you're IQ the stupider you are

everyone collectively shaking me by my shoulders: do you have anything else to say besides spiderman trans? huh?! do ya?

me, with tears in my eyes: th..thor. trans;

games that are too easy on normal and too difficult on hard are so frustrating

retoot if you actually liked pokemon sumo for telling us what moves are super effective in battle

I exist two days in the future or 42 seconds behind everyone else and that's why i'm Like This

if you've got venom as your profile picture i'm legally obliged to follow you

I haven't seen Spiderverse yet, but I would absolutely die for Miles Morales

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