Seeing lots of people realizing in their forties that they're maybe rich but they're dumb, so they start reading books, self help stuff, then classics, the Romans and Greeks, the Bible, etc. But it's too late, it's something you should do as a teen, and in your early twenties, to learn about culture and history and civilization. Instead most kids adore Star Wars, Instagram, and the new Zelda.

@veorq I hear playing Civilization is like the CliffsNotes to getting cultured.

@veorq Better late than never, I'd say. It will certainly enrich their lives at that point. IMO the love for reading is often instilled by someone reading to you at a rather young age and that is not a choice you can make for yourself. Acquiring a habit of reading also non-trivial books is probably not that easy without a role model. Not that I know, I was pretty lucky in that regard.

@thegrugq @veorq I agree. The latest one for Switch was really wonderful.

@veorq Telling people it's "too late" to learn new things is ... unhelpful.

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