the other internet is going nuts about politics rn

feeling extremely blessed that my spotify Discover Weekly served me up a concept album about Kush Alienz infiltrating the government to enlighten people. also, Kush Alienz and Shroom Alienz seem to be in conflict, though I'm not sure why

tempted to start my own mastodon instance ( just so i can have an arbitrary and heavyhanded content policy. No snark. No cats. No memes. Hard-gee gif. etc home timeline throwing bare 502s. they've got to get their Whale game up

not pictured: a baby tripping balls trying to take the spots off my shirt

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the search endpoints on this thing are returning a 503 and it's soooooo cuuuuuuuuute

(fwiw, on twitter's mobile app, you can disable image/link unfurling. it's a much better experience)

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also it introduces a stronger concept of consent. no more random stress launched at you. you are empowered with the decision of what you want to unfurl

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honestly if twitter doesn't ape the CW feature, they're fucking up.

just the suggestion that you should think about how your toot will impact others is a sea change.

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