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This is lobo sp*king

I wrote about my first unikernels with MirageOS at the hack retreat in Marrakesh 🐫

Mike, @torproject, on Google and ReCaptcha:

"This is a company that is basically the primary/only gateway to much of the Internet, and it has decided that certain IP addresses *do not deserve access to that Internet*. Full stop. This is not a problem that gets solved by having our devs talk to their devs to "nerd harder". This should be a PR bloodbath.. We should have made it one months ago."

Hello fediverse! is a free/open/nonprofit alternative to proprietary review sites like #Goodreads, #Yelp, #IMDB.

It plugs into #opendata sources: #Wikidata, #OpenLibrary and #OpenStreetMap (OSM integration is very basic at this point). Still a long way to go but we have a small community and lots of reviews already. On GitHub at: - IRC: on - Matrix:


Interesting side-effect of blocking .*google.* and .*gstatic.* on my local DNS-Resolver: all Android phones mark the Wifi as non-usable because the connectivity-check fails.

Bonus points for not providing a setting to turn this crap of, Google!

Look at that, #OpenBSD 6.3 has been released!

Highlights include massive improvement in support for #armv7/#arm64 platforms, #vmm virtualization on #amd64/#i386 platforms, #wifi (including roaming), more of the network stack is unlocked, and no artificial limits in #IPv6 autoconfiguration.

anyone knows someone to sponsor the os tld? I'd be keen to run the registry + dns for that... plus i want that tld

If you want to play with #MirageOS on an Raspberry Pi 3 here is how you make your self a nice debian based Image

Good Evening All

I have been working to port #mirageos to #openbsd, i had thought i had completed the hard part by porting #solo5 [1] to #vmm on openbsd.

but now i have been stuck on ocam-freestanding[2] for the last few months, so i am asking the world for a hand!

see the issue[3], PR [4], build files [5] and how to replicate [6]

FRAMADATE is a free libre and open source alternative to Doodle

It is currently available in French and English only.
Only a few sentences need translations for the following locales :

* Breton
* Occitan
* German
* Dutch
* Italian
* Spanish

if you can help on #translation, join this platform

(howto is here

I wrote a #web #frontend for #git #dit - the distributed issue tracker for git.

It currently can _view_ things, there's no "Add issue" or "Reply" functionality and it is _not_ intended for web-facing (but running locally for local repositories).

Read more about the development and why (also #screenshots):

Or check out the repository at: