been emailing regulators to try and get a clarification on the regulatory status of dogetipbot and whether Wow Such Business should have registered under someone.

i asked the compliance people on our team but they're just as confused. a commodities exchange that deals only in commodities with no real money...

Things currently in the pipeline: private toot federation, confirmation dialogs for destructive actions like deleting and blocking

I know people would love a public roadmap, I'm just kind of.. the opposite of Molyneux.. I don't like promising stuff until I've gone and done it, so bear with me.

I just wanted to let you all know that has silenced NAS.

Reason: extensive, incl. cross platform, harassment from their admin.

You can still follow users you think are cool over there, and they can follow you, and you can as such continue communications.

(the delay was due to a typo, when we originally did it last night)

i spent 5 minutes today stumbling through what turned out to be Postgres SQL and MSSQL trying to find a way to do my stupid query until I gave up and googled for what the MySQL way was


*tear in eye as entire generation learns lessons from fidonet*

i've been told my hacked together script is actually the industry leading product in this field and i'm deeply upset and proud

So Mastodon's apparently gotten large enough that people are wordsearching it, on Twitter, to message people about their Amazing Solutions for the service.

Which means not having word search here means the system is working.

Bloomberg just noted that Japan surpassed China as the largest holder of US debt.

Just a reminder that the China debt panic is just another form of anti-China sentiment or misdirection from the pains of austerity as no one was talking about Japan being neck and neck with them in debt for years.

i'm also wondering what they made the magazines out of. is it fiberglass like the Russian ones, it looks a bit transparent.

the old Bakelite plastic magazines (i know they're not actually Bakelite shut up) could sometimes have feeding issues if users gripped the magazine hard during firing.

there is nowhere to grip but the magazine on this gun

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helical magazines suffer from a variety of mechanical problems and I think necked rifle cartridges will be a problem for them.

the PP-19 uses pistol rounds so there's not as much problem there.

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The Daily Mail gets it wrong. Those aren't grenade launchers, they're helical magazines. They're for a homegrown variant of the Kalashnikov first seen in 2013:

It was likely inspired by the Russian PP-19 Bizon SMG which has a helical magazine, albeit not with rifle cartridges.

found a single user mastodon instance, it's a Tsunami and Earthquake toot alert styled after NERV

Cab driver's license plate was "AZERTY"

Got to talking about keyboards, he has a French Cherry Blue.

the wall will be painted vantablack wile e coyote style so your lidar won't get enough of a reflection to see a solid block

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alternatively, i'll just paint a white line from your driveway to a cliff/brick wall and wait for you to sleepily get in one day for work

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if i'm wrong, i'm going to go on the run and fund my life of crime with a fistful of aluminium foil and a cardboard cutout of a person

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unpopular opinion:
you'll never see a fully self driving car in your lifetime. if you disagree with me, i'll be there with you in the hospital so the last words you'll ever hear will be me whispering: "I told you so" on your deathbed

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