— И как при этом пользователям не остаться в проигрыше в плане защиты данных, безопасности и других своих интересов?
— Я считаю, что пользователи уже проиграли раз и навсегда.

Интересное интервью Роскомсвобода взяла у Плющева: habr.com/ru/company/roskomsvob

This is my yearly Arch Wiki appreciation post. What an incredible source of information ❤️

How to recognize colds vs flu vs coronavirus 

a visual aid from the #WHO on how to recognize #coronavirus #COVID19 symptoms versus symptoms from a cold or the flu

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I would add vars function and pdb module to that list, but otherwise I like the idea of the article

"4 Easy to Use Introspection Functions in Python"


Очень классная статья с Хабра о том, куда нас привёл (и ещё успеет завести) социальный рейтинг на примере Яндекс.Такси.


In recent years, after having refactored quite a lot of code I think I now understand now the Zen of "flat is better than nested". Deep nesting of if's and for's is a big code smell now to me, and it usually gets refactored into named functions, generator expressions and itertools invocations.

I've tried out the Beaker Browser and I simply fell in love with it. Its design, its dat:// protocol -- everything is the way I imagined things should work.

Got my documents checked by some policeman a few minutes ago because I hid my face away from a facial recognition camera.

Nothing like a good smell of privacy violation in the morning.

After Twitter, love the peace and comfort of Mastodon. <3

Choosing where to stand on "Bill Gates–Richard Stallman" spectrum, I found this article to be of interest: cio.com/article/2378859/7-reas

"While open source software may often — and even usually — be a better choice than functionally similar proprietary offerings, it doesn't make sense to be too dogmatic about it."


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