"The user manual contains some significant errors. Most of these are due to last minute changes to achieve a greater degree of compatibility with IBM's implementation of MS-DOS (PC DOS). This includes the use
of "\" instead of "/" as the path separator, and "/" instead of "-"
as the switch character."

it's always kind of interesting when you encounter a fossil trace of someone's Giant Mistake as it happened.

@brennen The weird thing about this is that "/" was the switch character on RT-11, which CP/M imitated (including using "/" as the switch character in PIP.COM), and MS-DOS 1.0 was a carbon copy of CP/M (though I don't remember if it had PIP).


@kragen @brennen It had COPY instead of PIP. Only the kernel was a clone. The command set was original, IIRC.

@vertigo @brennen Yeah, it had COPY and RENAME. My first OS was HDOS, which had both PIP
and more user-friendly commands like COPY, which were implemented by translating them into PIP commands by SYSCMD.SYS.

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