Right now the fediverse is nipping at the heels of the silos.

They know we are here, and they perceive us as a threat. We know this from leaked emails from facebook.

That said, they could attack us in an oblique manner with any number of poisoned waterhole attacks.

Earlier today someone predicted one or more of those platforms just integrate activitypub and crush us by incorporating us.

Another pointed at the potential for procedurally generated instances that just harvest data, or overwhelm our ability to suspend all of the instances they throw up.

When these attacks are adapted to... they'll get concerned, and will try to frame us as part of "the dark web(tm)"...

That's how we'll know we're winning.


I'm interested in brainstorming immune system defenses

beyond our strength as actually real people who can tell the difference between fake and person, usually pretty obvious


I am interested in this as well.

I feel like some sort of new instance registry may be necessary if we see these sorts of co-opting efforts occurring...

Like a low speed probationary period or something...


@thegibson @Food The other thing to look out for are large quantities of instances on related IP blocks. Major corporations often pay for large IP address spaces, in part to work around spam blacklists.

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I'm looking for a solution about how GitHub's parent company is now Microsoft

Something we can use as #foss and such that has nothing to do with that recent company grab

@Food @vertigo @thegibson well there's gitlab. It has a self-hosted option.

Github is unfortunately so entrenched because of the discoverability it offers its users.

@waterbear @Food @thegibson It's one of the reasons why my projects are managed and even hosted using .

It's definitely not for everyone though.



How about this

Developers need to get paid enough for food, water, shelter, healthcare, so they can live their ethics and values, avoiding being compromised

Moderators who also need to get paid a bit or donated to can have an allotment of individual accounts number they're ideally responsible for personally verifying person as person and making sure they have the basics of security and data storage in check

@vertigo @TheGibson

Backups of data have to be places that are redundant, and owners hosting instances need to make sure they're on top of the management of the small bits of security that add up. Also would be good to pay them

@hugo setup comes to mind

@vertigo @TheGibson @hugo

Creating and refreshing an open redundant list of the fediverse and all attached instances and users and how many each instance has in overlap can help us identify weak links and see if there's any vulnerabilities in the awareness linkup

Sorta like finding broken packages, only we'd have a list of traits of nonreal cues to watch for and when finding a part, removing it somehow probably by alerting surrounding mods

@vertigo @TheGibson @hugo

Thinking of vulnerabilities of servers hosted on proprietary or at least insecure hosts, how to encourage hostings on places that are guaranteed to be as close to values and ethics in running server as possible

And having identified list of those server instance spots

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