@agris @thegibson @remotenemesis @waterbear @Food I somewhat embarrassed to admit that I find that I need the hand-holding until I'm ready to move beyond it, especially as I age.

For corporate applications (which, arguably, most projects on Github are), its interaction model is nearly ideal. It mimics closely enough the centralized VCS organization that it's easy for companies to adopt, but has just enough DVCS features that enables collaboration. I suspect that is why it took off so well.

@remotenemesis @agris @thegibson @waterbear @Food Thank you; that's a more succinct and poignant way of putting into words what I wanted to express.

@vertigo @agris @thegibson @waterbear @Food

I actually feel like PRs are overused on small teams, when high-trust should be the default.

@vertigo @agris @thegibson @waterbear @Food

also well worth considering that github URL's are baked into most of the third-party ecosystem for golang.

We've all become rather too comfortable with pulling arbitrary code from the internet into our compile chain.

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