@jjg Time to fill up the pools and put on some swim-trunks. ;)

@vertigo you joke but I it seriously feels like spring after the last week...

@jbob As I posted earlier, I had to bury my grandfather in -20F weather in the first week of January some years ago. And this was in relatively temperate Utica, NY, where people consider "cold" to be +20F.

@jbob I know exactly what you're going through. ;-)

@jbob Fun fact, the subsequent summer that year broke +100F on more than one occasion, with extremely high humidity to boot.

@vertigo we get one or two 100+ days every summer or so, but not always.

Personally I prefer the cold to the heat; you can always add layers but the amount you can remove is limited... 😂

@jbob Utica is located in the Mohawk Valley, where the wet jet stream from the north meets the warm (and also wet) Gulf stream from the south. As a result, Utica gets precious few clear days annually. It's usually overcast even if not raining or snowing. During the summer months, humidity is usually high, and temperatures range from low 70s to high 90s. With increasing frequency, though, temperatures have been breaching the 100F mark.

@jbob Utica area is even starting to get tornadoes now, which never happened at any time during my youth there. Lived in Utica for 22 years, and never once seen fully formed funnel.

My parents always say, "It's the solar cycle.". They don't realize I've lived through two solar cycles while in Utica, and two more outside of there, and only in this last cycle (during a MINIMUM!) has tornadoes ever been a concern for them.

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