I think the fediverse is at just about the right critical mass to spawn an ARG [1] any time now.

1: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternat

@thegibson @djsundog @gdkar You approach a large meadow. Before you stands a white gazebo. Behind you, a forest. Off in the dark depths of the forest, you hear the growling of what certainly must be a wumpus.

You notice the gazebo has a monitor and keyboard affixed to one of its posts. It is running Windows 3.0 in 80286 mode.

What do you do?

@vertigo @thegibson @djsundog @gdkar I realise that I'm in a video game since Windows 3.0 didn't support 286 mode if I remember correctly?

@loke @thegibson @djsundog @gdkar (I'm so dating myself with these useless trivia facts. LOL!)

It did, actually. It was the last version of Windows to support real mode. Windows 3.1 was actually the first version to ship without real-mode support. You could invoke Windows in real-mode via WIN /R command at the DOS prompt.

Another fun fact: Windows 3.1 was the first version of Windows to ship with virtual machine support (so-called "386-enhanced" mode).


@loke @thegibson @djsundog @gdkar Sorry, that should be Windows 3.0 being the first version to ship 386-enhanced mode, not 3.1. Typo/thinko.

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