Kvetch about a public forum I once used to frequent 

Kvetch about a public forum I once used to frequent 

@vertigo What's your question? I've coded quite a few things in 6502

@tomas As have I, actually; grew up with the architecture, and it's my all-time favorite 8-bit AND 16-bit architecture (referring to the 65816; I consider the 68000 a proper 32-bit CPU).

That said, I was wondering if anyone knew of any projects (historical or otherwise) to make a CBM DOS-inspired/-compatible storage system with sectors greater than 256 bytes in size?

@tomas CBM DOS appears to allow it; only lower-level functionality (B-R/W/E commands, U1/U2 commands, etc.) would appear to change.

Given that such a thing exists, I was wondering what the underlying filesystem actually looked like, especially considering, e.g., relative files and how their side-sectors worked.

@vertigo Aha, an application level question. Don't have any idea about CBM I'm afraid
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