@thegibson ditto

I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen one.

@requiem I’ve know about them for a while, never seen one in person though.

Someone should get one, rip out the Z80 and replace it with a Z180 or a compatible successor. Heck, maybe add a Z80000 chip just for funsies, because, why do when you can overdo?

Then rip out the 9938 VDP and replace *that* with a 9978, to get all the latest graphics modes and such.

@vertigo why rip out the VDP when you can already slot in a Sunrise or ; both expansion cards based on the VDP?

This expandability was one of the beautiful things of the standards.

And while my isn't as pretty as this one, I definitely have fond memories of growing up with it.
@thegibson @requiem

Precisely because it's a cartridge. That makes the hardware prone to breakage, and blocks the port from other peripherals you might want to use. The VDP sits at a different I/O location, so system firmware can't talk to it. Etc.

Replacing the VDP internally fixes two of these three issues (and a ROM swap the third).

If the MSX had a proper expansion backplane rather than an unsecured port, I'd go that route.
@thegibson @requiem

@vertigo @FiXato @requiem

honestly, I would just replace the internals wholesale with something like a raspi4.

Make it modernly usable.

Yes, but that's cheating. That's like buying an RX-7 only to put an LS or LT engine in it. Kind of defeats the point. 😜😏
@FiXato @requiem

@vertigo @FiXato @requiem

I have shoved an SBC into a Datsun 280Z before... but never an RX-7...


@thegibson @FiXato @requiem 1st and 2nd generation RX-7s have plenty of room to do such things with. 3rd gen RX-7s, not so much unless you don't mind eating into the cabin or cargo space somewhat. ;)

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@vertigo @FiXato @requiem

I had a second gen for a while...

I loved the braking and handling on that thing.

@thegibson @FiXato @requiem Owned a 1980, drove a 1984, owned a 1985, and drove a 1992. And let me tell you, the 1992 was a HOOOOOT. If you *sneezed*, you risked a speeding ticket.

@thegibson @FiXato @requiem Of course, watching people's eyes pop out of their head when you show them the engine is barely larger than a 13" CRT computer monitor was always a blast too.

@vertigo @FiXato @requiem

I had an 86... shoved the engine from a 92 in it at one point... that thing was fun...

bought it from a junkyard in middle of nowhere KY...

@thegibson @FiXato @requiem They thought the car had a diesel, or are they referring to the Wankel itself as a turbo for a diesel?

@vertigo @FiXato @requiem

This was like 97... they thought the wankel itself was a diesel turbo...

@thegibson @FiXato @requiem To be fair, I think SAAB at one time did look into using a Wankel-configuration supercharger for their diesels. It's not *too* far from the truth. ;D

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