Not even the knowledge that there is a purported "cyberdeck discord" is enough to make me willingly want to go join a discord at this point, tbqh

@djsundog Blissfully ignorant of Discord. I've heard of it, but after hopping from social media to social media to social media to social media, I'm all social media'd out.


@djsundog In all honesty, Masto/Fediverse is the last social media network I plan to participate in. If I need to make a statement and "thought-leader," then I'll just go back to long-form blogging.

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unwarranted feedback 

@vertigo @djsundog

bless you for saying it. 🤗

@vertigo @djsundog discord is basically like hosting your own irc server but with auth-based user accounts provided by their centralized service, except they also tacked on image attachments and emoji reactions and voice/video chat

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