interact with Linux' AX.25 protocol stack **without** involving a sound card or TNC. Basically, I'm looking to write my own HDLC stack, and would like to test it against AX.25 as implemented by Linux.

Study soundmodem source code to figure out how it works.

How. The. FUCK. does this program work? What is the benefit of open source if the source is *as opaque* as a binary file?

All I've been able to find is a bunch of initialization procedures that are empty, a bunch of ALSA- or related sources which interact somehow with the sound card, but **NOTHING** about how it gets packets from the kernel to transmit out through the sound card.

As far as I can tell, the soundmodem package works entirely through black magic and voodoo.

@vertigo That is why I appreciate not only good comments, but also the narrative as an author came to such a life with all the intermediate stops and dead ends.😜

@yrabbit I'm convinced that 80% of the complexity comes from the Linux kernel, though. The knowledge that it works with the "MKISS" module is useless to me to figure out what's happening. Google searches are barren and devoid of any information on how this module is supposed to work. Pages that tease the reader with info have dead links. Etc. Etc.

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