@h This is on ye olde birdsite, but I thought you would be interested in this -- 1080p HDMI video output using a low-cost ECP5-family FPGA board.

@vertigo Thank you! Anything pointing in this direction is helpful, even if it's a non-free solution for the time being.
It may be necessary to abstract away non-free stuff, designing a simple enough driver so that the abstracted non-free parts can be replaced later.
I hate to use the term "pragmatic" because that's too often twisted to mean something else, like meritocracy they always appear to mean screwing somebody to offset the cost of doing what's right. (I remember what your mum told you once, and I'm of the same mind)
But given the very scarce available options, if the options available are having something working, or not having anything at all, I may have to err on the side of having something that actually exists.
When Stallman started GNU, I don't believe he started feeding bits one by one into a memory, he must have probably bootstrapped somehow. To me, this is the same, as long as the north is clear.

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