@djsundog Hows that RC2014 coming?

After programming "modern" computers all day, I'm wondering if I need something that involves more soldering and less frameworks at night?

@requiem yeah, that's probably a good idea - I've been neglecting the soldering but I should not oughtta

@djsundog did you end up going with the standard or the pro?

@requiem I started with the Pro kit, added the digital i/o module, added the BusRaider2 module, and am starting to assemble Steve Cousins' SC112 and SC113 modular backplane kits after work tonight (which will mean I'm in need of another cpu/ram/rom setup at some point 😅 )

@djsundog @requiem You should be able to use the legacy hardware in the new backplane.

With regards to my own stuff, though, I'm going as fast as I can with my plans. ;)

@vertigo @requiem yeah, but I want to have my original backplane running as a system and the modular backplane running as another one ;)

@djsundog @requiem Ahh, that was not mentioned. Are you planning on sticking with Z80-class processors?

@vertigo @requiem until your stuff is ready, probably (although maybe bringing a Z180 into the mix would be nice too)

@djsundog @requiem I consider Z180 to be a Z80-class CPU. I'd've recommended Z180 for that backplane, for the extra address space it provides.

@vertigo @requiem yeah, that's probably what I'll end up going with (once I decide I can afford to invest more cash in more retro hardware anyways)

@djsundog @vertigo I’m having a hard time understanding the difference between the pro, plus & standard.

The standard comes in right at my price threshold for “entertainment value only”; beyond that I start thinking too hard about making the purchase 🤣

@requiem @djsundog I think it's a question of which cards come equipped with your kit.

I have a Zed Pro, which comes with dual SIO/2 serial card, the 512K RAM, 512K ROM card, real-time clock card, IDE card (yes, parallel IDE), and compact flash card.

The "Pro" backplane gives you access to signals not available on the standard bus interface, such as WAIT# to insert wait states, and BUSREQ#/BUSACK# to support DMA transfers.

@vertigo @djsundog omg there’s another variant?

I’ll never make up my mind 🤣🤣🤣

@requiem @djsundog Fun fact -- although I have the "Pro" variant of the backplane currently, I haven't even soldered in the Pro extension connectors yet. LOL! Everything is still working as if it were a Standard bus.

@vertigo @djsundog so I guess the question is, if I buy the “classic” full-monte kit, and I decide I like hacking on the thing, I could just upgrade the backplane and add more stuff without starting over?

The main reason I’m confused is that the classic boards look different from the newer ones...

@requiem @vertigo yeah, anything that works on the classic backplanes will work on the expanded backplanes, just not vice versa


@djsundog @requiem If I were to order parts on my own, instead of getting a package deal, I would have gotten the SC-112 backplane with one SC-113 extension.

It's more to solder, but it's the most compatible option I'm aware of, being able to accommodate older and newer cards alike.

@vertigo @requiem agreed - I would have preferred to have started with the SC-112 and SC-113 rather than the RC2014 Backplane Pro.

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