You know we've gone full corporate when I ask a question to my manager, and he responds, "I don't understand the ask."

Hashtag band name of the day: The Ask.

Seriously. I get that "ask" is monosyllabic, but "question" only has two. It's not that much more difficult to say or type. And, what he's *really* saying is, "I don't understand why you're asking the question. Can you clarify?" Responding with that as a response would have been, you know, a little more ... human.

@vertigo You seem to have problems synergizing with your collaborative partners. 😁

@tsturm Would love to forward that picture to my manager some day.

Maybe when I bail out of that joint.

@vertigo I simply ascribe such speech patterns to whatever's in vogue in their circles, much as half the contenders in MasterChef, on being sent home, are "gutted".

I wonder how one becomes a linguistic trendsetter? Could we raise a managerial fashion of, say, not understanding the fuzzy bunnies at hand?

@vertigo "the ask" was a useful shorthand for "exactly what outcome is being requested". As in "the customer says this still isn't right — maybe we should calrify the ask"

This is how useful jargon turns into drone-speak: people expanding and diluting its meaning until the jargon is just a replacement for a better and clearer term


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