NTFS, the New Technology File System, has been windows' default file system since 1993

"high definition" refers to 720p and above, with 1080p being Full High Definition and 2160p being Ultra High Definition

USB full speed was superceded by USB super speed, which was superceded by USB super speed+

using superlative names for tech products is always a terrible idea

there are only six kinds of names in tech:
a) normal phrase with superlative
b) "what if we called it wi-fi... because it's like sci-fi"
c) "what if we called it compact disc... because the disc is compact"
d) a cool word, not necessarily english
e) acronym that describes the concept
f) Software Relations Working Group Standard Task Force ACCC 12589 rev. 6

@lynnesbian what about the category of "fuck, we can't trademark the name we were planning on using? i guess we'll use the code name then", .e.g. bluetooth

or like how the successor to the GBA was codenamed the nintendo Developer's System, but everybody really liked the name so they called it the nintendo Dual Screen

or how microsoft came up with a bunch of names for the original xbox, and really didn't like the name xbox (which was short for directX box), but the public loved it so they went with it

category G: the begrudging "i guess we'll use the placeholder name then" name

@lynnesbian @monorail To be fair, this is how my Kestrel computer project got the name Kestrel.

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