Isn't it funny how within 24h the approach to changed from "it's secure and awesomesauce, use it for everything!!1!" to "I just use it to share stuff but warn users not to do sensitive stuff there"?

No, actually it's not funny. Because it keeps happening:

1. a new shiny startup does X in an open source but centralized way
2. a lot of "experts" saying how great it is; some greybeards warn that it's centralized but nobody listens - it's so shiny and cool!

3. startup makes a horrible business decision or gets bought up by someone onerous; it's inevitable, it's a startup.
4. everybody's shocked, shocked™, but still go with "using it for non-sensitive stuff, too late to move on"
5. rinse, repeat.

Do you know why we don't get a proper, decentralized, easy to use software solutions? This is why. Because we keep letting shitty startups crowd out the good projects.


@rysiek Just a point of clarification: Keybase wasn't a start-up. If people think of them as a start-up, it's because they fell into obscurity years ago.

I remember exploring Keybase when I started working at Rackspace, had registered an identity there, installed the keybase CLI tool, attended my first "key party". Back when that was literally the ONLY thing you could do with them.


@rysiek I haven't touched it in about 3 years since that time, so finally removed all my info and uninstalled. It was about 2 years ago IIRC that I said good riddance.

The whole experience was a total waste of my time, and I still don't personally know anyone else who actually relies upon their services.

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