Anyone know how to get OpenVPN 2.3.10 installed on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

(OpenVPN 2.4 is not compatible with OpenVPN 2.3 clients. Because, ..., open source, I guess. I can't fukkin' explain it.)

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@vertigo have you tried enabling the 19.10 repos or downloading the deb directly and installing that?

@shadow8t4 I grabbed the .tar.gz of the source tree, and installed the build tools, but immediately after running ./configure && make, it dies with a compiler error due to incomplete type for 'ctx'.

I feel that this is going to end in tears for me. Or a padded room. I can feel it already.

@vertigo wow I didn't expect you to build from source...

Uh, ok. I didn't go that option at all, I'm just manually installing the compiled packages from the Xenial archives.

@shadow8t4 ooh, I don't know how to do that per se. For that, I'll definitely need instructions. :)

@vertigo you can get the .deb packages from the side where it says "Builds" just select your architecture. If you're running a laptop or desktop, it's most likely going to be "amd64" (make sure not to accidentally click arm64)

@vertigo in the "built files" section click the second url and download that file. You should get a .dev file. Then on command like navigate to it and do sudo apt install ./[file-name].deb

@vertigo If you run into dependency issues, don't panic (I'm doing these instructions in a 20.04 VM so I can help you get through it, so I expect there might be dep issues). Just do a search for the packages it's asking for and keep getting the .debs. All the sites should have a similar method to getting them.

@vertigo I'm still in the middle of solving dependencies but it looks like you'll at least need the following if you run into the same issues as me:


@shadow8t4 Yeah, I'm running into issues as well. I'm not able to resolve some of them. I was asked to do apt --fix-broken install but that just updated openvpn to 2.4.7, which I'm just about 100% will break our configuration.

@vertigo yeah that's a common thing it will tell you to do. Go ahead and run that, then do sudo apt remove --purge openvpn to remove it. Might also consider sudo apt autoremove to remove any lingering dependencies.

@vertigo also, scratch file-rc. I just got it to install over here and I didn't need that.

@shadow8t4 After I execute apt remove --purge openvpn, and try to re-install the 2.3.10, it still refuses to install complaining about dependencies.

@shadow8t4 I'm beginning to think it might just be easier to go back to using 16.04 LTS, and sticking with that pretty much forever. I was hoping I didn't have to do that, though. :/

@vertigo In this specific case, if you don't want to go to 16.04's repositories and manually grab the old dependencies so you can hold onto an old version of the client that isn't supported in 20.04, then that's understandable.

I got it to work, though. You shouldn't need to grab too many of the packages manually like this. I only had to get like 4 of them.

@vertigo It's totally up to you, though. I can understand the hassle of manually installing a bunch of packages is a bit frustrating and such.

@vertigo would it help if I gave you the links to the dependencies I needed for it to install on my end?

@vertigo also something I just realized - if you do get it to work, you're gonna have to figure out a way to keep future sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade commands from trying to upgrade to the newer version of the client.

I'm not sure what your situation is, but if you really can't use the newer client, it's probably better overall to just stay on 16.04.

@shadow8t4 I think it'd be good to have around, just in case.

I put the question of what to do before my manager, so we'll see what he says. Basically, three options given: (1) Upgrade to 2.4.7 and YOLO, (2), Stick with 2.3.10 and hack the installation on 20.04, or (3) Revert back to 16.04 and create a todo to upgrade to 2.4.7 some time before the LTS package repos dry up.

@vertigo oh I didn't realize it was a work thing.

That sounds like the options, pretty much. If I were your manager I would probably go with option 3. If I were you, I'd be pushing for option 2. Even if you can't upgrade anymore until they update it to work for 2.4.7, it's still better to have all the other updates 20.04 provides than to continue running 16.04 for literally just one package.

I wish you luck! Sorry I couldn't help all that much.

@shadow8t4 Yep, that's why I was hoping for (2); the old OpenVPN server that we had was somehow rooted, so I'm looking to migrate essential services off of it, so we can kill that VM instance soon.

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@shadow8t4 Thank you for the help. It's been educational.

@vertigo Of course!! I'm always happy to help someone having a problem like that. ^^

@shadow8t4 OOH, I didn't even notice those were links! Thanks for pointing that out.

@vertigo it's all good! No worries I just wanna help out if I can.

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