Apparently, the uptake of Microsoft's "Windows Linux Subsystem" is miniscule despite it being blared from all MS PR speakers at full volume. Smart technologists realise that enclosing Linux within Windows is a stage in Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Locking the magnificent eagle, symbol of freedom, into a dingy little cage... is not a compelling proposition. Just drop Windows and use Linux. Only a fool puts on the shackles voluntarily.


I partially disagree. My own theory, concocted about 12 years ago is that in 20–25 years #Windows would simply be a compatibility layer running on a #Linux kernel. We're about half way there now.

Plus, I got a drunken mate to agree with it once (don't believe anyone telling you he was just trying to change the subject).

@0 @lightweight i cherish the same views, seeing as windows is the leading platform for gaming. Once you can have an easy way of virtualizing from linux, or better yet drop the directx shackles, there is no more reason for me to use windows


@lefarfadet @0 @lightweight I remember a time when AmigaOS, Atari TOS, and DOS were "gaming platforms," and Windows was only used by "serious" applications.

Today, more and more productivity apps are coming to Linux, and now Windows is the gaming platform of choice.

Linux still has a very long way to go yet, but it's interesting to see the role reversal on the part of Windows.

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