It’s not always enough to just schlep up a whip antenna and pump out 150mw. If you are going to do radio, you ought to think as radio. Radio has its own geography and biology. It breathes with the day and the moods of the Sun and Earth.

Feel the analogue, viscous, ineffable way radio flows. Then you can actually do big and interesting things with it.

Hams often get this. Few others do these days... 🤷🏽‍♀️

@Shufei Unfortunately, been a ham for over 20 years (active for about 14), and I still don't get what enables good HF contacts. I've tried for years to make QSOs on HF back then (usually on 40m), but never succeeded.

@vertigo @Shufei living in a rural area seems to be the highest correlation to good hf. antenna height + antenna size + power + lower noise floor

@bamfic @Shufei Yeah; alas, most of the contemporary HF QSOs these days focus on topics of little to no interest to me, and/or eventually devolve to discussions of/about "the libs."

One of many reasons I've actually, seriously contemplated just letting my ham license lapse.

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