Every time you write code that requires Chrome or CEF or Electron, just remember: you are giving Google control over you and your users.

You are letting them dictate what you can and cannot do. You are letting them view your user's potentially private activities (URLs are always sent to Google without Debian's patch set).

You are becoming a part of their toxic culture, their neocapitalism.

Remember that.

Without Electron, I wouldn't have many productivity apps like Slack, Remember the Milk and so on on Linux.

@mdfrg there's two ways I can go here

The first is: Yes you would, they'd just be written in a better framework that is not controlled, owned by, and monetised by Google

The other is: Then maybe those apps aren't worth using.

@awilfox @mdfrg I definitely vote for "not worth using." They offer precious little enhanced usability over a console app for IRC, yet consume upwards of 1.5GB of memory just to have two channels open. Insanity. But, hey, the web is the future!

(grumbles something about my lawn and kids these days.)

@vertigo @awilfox @mdfrg Slack even has a built-in IRC gateway

People who insist on using the app can do so, those of us who care about good software can use the gateway with our IRC client of choice

@troubleMoney @vertigo @awilfox does a IRC client have message archive sync with search and build in file sharing tool?


@mdfrg @awilfox @troubleMoney No, but I rarely ever need those things.

However, if you do, there's always Citadel BBS software. It offers a web-based UI as well as classical text-mode interface, live chat, supports file uploads/downloads, et. al. It's actually pretty neat.

But, again, I only need the ability to chat. I tend to send files over e-mail, and important information tends to get archived on wikis.

Your usecase may vary.

@troubleMoney @awilfox @mdfrg Thanks for the looooooong thread my otherwise snarky comment generated though. It was interesting to read!

@vertigo I used to run Citadel 86 under DOS in the 80s on my BBS.

@Ricardus I never had my own installation, but I did cosysop for two BBSes back in the day. I really miss how well the software was made back then (circular queues to never need manual message base compaction, etc. -- brilliant!).

Citadel/UX requires relatively little amount of administration as well, but it uses Berkeley DB (I think) these days, and it just culls database size by deleting messages older than a threshold.

@vertigo Yeah, the circular message base was genius. Cit86 was fun. I miss it. Back when computers and computing was fun. I keep meaning to put up a UX installation but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I need to. I still have my old banner and everything.

@vertigo @troubleMoney @awilfox
BBS FTW! I'm afraid I'm too young to remember those things and it's already too late to use them for people not familiar with the culture.

@mdfrg @awilfox @troubleMoney I disagree with that assessment; Uncensored! BBS gets new users periodically. Not terribly frequently, but often enough to say that it can still appeal to new users.

Some prefer the web interface, but some actually do prefer the SSH interface.

It's pretty awesome, actually. I do wish it were more popular though. Would love a console Mastodon interface that had more or less the look and feel of Citadel, for example.

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