Twitter bans someone for no good reason and I'm suddenly back on Mastodon.

I still feel a little like I'm talking to an empty room. But I finding more reasons to use Mastodon than I did a few weeks ago.

Making some next level Black Mirror shit at this hackathon. Facial recognition is too easy now.

I've been reading "The $100 startup'', an amazing look at bootstrapped startups, and digital nomads.

Vanity metrics depend on the situation, but it can be very obvious once you start hearing them. E.g. First time purchases vs retention. Depends on the hypothesis you're testing I guess, or lack there of.

Spent this afternoon deleting old local git repos / projects. There needs to be a tool to help you keep track of many different projects and whether they're in sync with the remote (or if they even have a remote). Arguably shouldn't let it get this disorganised, but I can't be the only person drowning in micro projects and prototypes.

My biggest worry about UTF-8 is that once we start meeting all those aliens it might not be enough and we'll have to switch to UTF-16 and anywhere from 0 to 100% humans will die from miscommunication with aliens before we can migrate everything

I'm #hiring for a Senior Engineer to join an awesome team of Release Engineers here at #Wikimedia:

#remote friendly #job working on #opensource #floss making software better

(plz boost)

I'm currently in the process of leaving a company that I care deeply about. It is one of the biggest collections of amazing people I have come across. The desire to fit in with a company and be exceptional within that company is very strong, even after that decision has been made. - There is a lot of wisdom in not trying to replicate existing services into the fediverse, but at the same time recognising the need for mass market attention. Getting a subset of nerds interested will not be enough.

I swear every time I change computers I have to setup my signature again in Outlook and Office365. Surely this is a solved problem now.

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Of course twitter is showing a big preview of the the homepage for Mastodon if I include a link. That's not going to annoy anyone.

Syncing Outlook on a new laptop and of course it seems to work from oldest email to newest. Which doesn't make any sense to me.

There are a bunch of tools that are needed to make successful. I need to be able invite my followers effectively for one. Assuming I have any followers and they're not all bots.

In theory I've setup IFTTT to sync Mastodon posts back to Twitter. If you're seeing this on twitter then it worked. *fingers crossed*

Myriad 2018 has been a very good choice so far. Currently listening to Eric Ries talk about the long term stock exchange. Which is an outgrowth of some of his Lean Startup thinking.

Every time I hop on a long flight early in the morning I get such amazing thinking done (if I do say so myself). I need to run a test to see if it's even more effective in business class when I'm not jammed in next to a guy that smells slightly.

Still trying to understand Mastadon and Tusky. I really want to invitr all the people I already follow on twitter.

I'm a Kiwi born geek with a passion for Emerging Technology. I currently work on a team exploring things like 3D Scanning, Mixed Reality and AI. I care deeply about open source/hardware/culture


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