As a child, I spent an exorbitant amount of time in front of various computers. My parents ended up getting a second phone line because I tied up the main one so much with my 33.6k modem. IMHO I turned out alright.

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imagine running these numbers and thinking the problem is paying the minimum-wage worker too much

People that won't take the vaccine (excluding known accepted exceptions like pregnancy) 😠

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Scrolled through pages and pages of signal app reviews. WhatsApp has definitely fucked up with the privacy policy changes.

The other insight -> The new users want Signal to behave more like WhatsApp 😂

40m+ installs in a day is pretty astounding.
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How it started vs how it's going 😅

Is Parler still down? Yes. Fascinated by how long it will really take them to get it back online, and where are they going to host it anyway.

So tired of finding old maps embedded in pages/blogs that no longer work properly because of Google's restrictions. Typically hurts charities and social groups the worst because they have shoestring budgets (if any).

How many views can this tiny recycling group page get anyway?

Parler is now down (as expected). They may have claimed that they hadn't bought into any special AWS features, but they were definitely using route53.

The front page of HN is covered with decentralized services because of AWS de-platforming Parler. Which is not the reaction I was expecting.

Was digging through old files and found two of the first things I ever 3D modelled. The modified date says 2007, but I suspect it was even older than that.

Sanctioned countries mining cryptocurrency took a lot longer to take off than I would have expected. When cut off from international banking a global distributed unregulated currency seems to be the obvious solution.
"MIT Technology Review: This tool lets you confuse Google’s ad network, and a test shows it works"

While I understand the desire to avoid the Google's tracking, someone has to pay for all the ads that are being clicked on. Seems ethically problematic.

For me, cheese is definitely one of the hardest elements of eating a plant based diet. I've yet to find a vegan cheese that I like. Happy to hear suggestions though.

I really want to like and use Signal, but it has a bunch of annoying features.

Linked to phone number (bad for digital nomads).

Preserving message history is hard. I have at least one really old backup of chats, but can't import it.

I've been thinking a lot about this. The national security ramifications of a whole bunch of people being loose seems like a nightmare from a bugging and cybersecurity point of view.

Not to mention anything that might have been stolen (Laptops, etc).

I can't fathom how CES can work virtually. So much of it is wandering around the trade show looking at new products.

👇If you're in Australia this is a great chance to buy Zero to Sold. Best book I read last year.
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Australian indie hackers and founders! My book Zero to Sold will be discounted to $1.49 in 🇦🇺on the Kindle for a few days!
(Also, YAY, it's now available as a paperback on your fine continent as well)

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