Employers who promote the “Wisely Pay” pay card to your employees.

You are promoting a scam; one which is illegal in many states.

Please stop!

Three months!

And I finally finished some legal paperwork payments too.

Still not fully independent. But, getting closer every day. 😄

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Explored different social-medias/networks today using Wikipedia as my guide.

Fascinated by all the communities which exist on the interwebs.


I am now two months down.
Another to go!

Work has been hard…
But, it's worth a roof over my head.

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Just rubbed my eye after cutting & handling an onion.

Why... why did I do this?


I dislike the fact I have to use Windows to access some of my schools programs.

Let me use Linux please. I beg of you.

Applied for a nearby community college.

Taken aback how costly even "inexpensive" colleges are here in Usonia...

I wish there was a way to lock the "Global" or "Federated" timeline to specific instances on a user level.

All I desire is for my federated timeline to be merveilles and similar instances 🤪

Instead; lots of porn is shown.

I just paid rent for the first time ever.
By myself.

Without any help. Plus I’ve paid back the person who helped me last month.

I don’t know why. But, I’m really happy about this.

One leap towards financial independence; many more to go.

*notices merveilles.town has lots of french*


*desire to learn french intensifies*

People create so much data about themselves on the internet.

I do as well.

How long until an AI takes all said data & creates a unique personality made from all personalities?


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