🔴 Russia started blocking Tor

Our report shares OONI data & analysis on the blocking of the Tor network and Tor Project website on some AS networks in .

On 1st December 2021, some ISPs in started blocking access to the Tor network by means of IP blocking.

Out of (more than) 65 tested AS networks, OONI data only shows signs of Tor blocking on 15 AS networks in Russia.

also blocks obfs4 addresses, which means that Tor users in Russia may need to use private Tor bridges to circumvent the block: forum.torproject.net/t/tor-blo

Tor blocking differs from ISP to ISP in Russia. However, not all users on the same AS network experience Tor blocking.

OONI data suggests that some ISPs in have been blocking access to torproject.org since September 2021. Censorship techniques across ISPs differ.

On some networks, a block page is served for torproject.org, enabling us to automatically confirm the block.

On other networks, OONI data suggests that access to torproject.org is being interfered with by means of a TLS man-in-the-middle attack.

In other cases, we observe that the connection is reset once the TLS handshake has been initiated, suggesting the use of DPI.

Despite these blocks, OONI data suggests that both the Tor network & torproject.org are still accessible on most networks in .

To help more Russians stay connected to the Tor network, please run a Tor bridge: forum.torproject.net/t/help-ce ❤️

To circumvent Tor blocking in , you can use a private Tor bridge: forum.torproject.net/t/tor-blo

We also recommend keeping an eye out for (and updating to) the next Tor Browser version, and configuring Tor Browser to use Snowflake. ❄️

If access to torproject.org is blocked on your network, you can:

• Circumvent this block by visiting the Tor Project’s website mirror: tor.eff.org

* Get Tor Browser by sending an email to gettor@torproject.org


You mentioned this in the last SR I think – you can still ask via email.

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