where were you when biden's brain melted live on stage

ive never watched peterson talk live before

its amazing how very much he is not a deep thinker despite pointedly holding the visage of one


update: the toe doesn't hurt *more* if I touch it or apply mild pressure, so I'm guessing it's probably not broken, which is a good thing at least


tripped, bent my little toes on one foot, and slammed my kneecap right into a metal support

panicked for a sec cause I was worried I messed up my knee, but the pain subsided after a moment, and I was totally fine. and I realized that the toe pain had *not* gone away, but had in fact gotten worse. and it's gotten real nice and red.

so uh, now I guess I try to sleep just and hope I didn't break my toe or something.

just sent a dollar to Gravel's campaign.

do us proud and shame those neoliberal rats anti-imperialist grandpa.

set up a roll20 listing, now we wait for the swamp creatures of the roll20 community to emerge and apply to the game.

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I'm 80% room temp takes like "heartbeats by the knife is good", and 10% annoying takes like "I love hot girls", and the last 10% is radical communist takes like "the state should replace the family and home ownership should be done away with"

love having unexplainable headaches for three months straight while being uninsured

I would like one (1) bag of salt and vinegar potato chips

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Farm and land rant 

It's really cute that usians think family farming will save them when family farming is part of the problem. White rural folks hoard land and resources (stolen from First Peoples and built with unpaid labor) and refuse to let them pass into the commons until it is too late. Then these lil farms get bought up when grandpa dies because he was too stubborn to make a will. Farm turns into ugly suburbs or is absorbed by other "family farmers" who have thousands of acres under GMO corn year after year.

Y'all want food and land for the commons, you're gonna have to pry it away from both Eustace McRacistface and Monsanto. Start squatting and gardening and give up your idyllic narrative of nuclear families with private property.

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Jobs that are more dangerous than cops:

1. slaughterhouse workers
2. taxicab drivers
3. lumberjacks
4. fishing boat workers
5. roofers
6. trash/recycling workers
7. steel workers
8. truck drivers
9. agricultural workers
10. groundskeepers

But they don't get any special immunity, special weapons, or military-style state funerals.

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Had a dream last night that ostriches had two heads like a doduo, but when I went to wikipedia and started reading the article I was surprised to read that they had *no* head. Then it said that since the two "heads" don't house the brain, technically they're more like eye stalks with mouths

I thought I'd share this interesting fact with all of y'all even though it's 100% false

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🌨️🌨️🌨️🌨️ 🌨️ 🌨️🌨️🌨️

🌳 🌲 🌲
🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌳🌳
πŸ„ 🐌

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*looks at heterosexual people* Sooo, which one of you is the sword, and which one is the shield?

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