@foreverfriskyfox thousand yard stare that can pierce through your armor


rent due, insurance due, car note due, baby shark do do do do

@nymph@radical.town @iagomago

you should ban town your deee-lite jams, by your decree they are invalid. these are dark days.

@FiXato @quark

How is the Earth Alliance gonna build and lose four Babylon stations AND get to 5 in 8 years after the Earth/Minbari war.

I guess we are persistent.

@FiXato @quark You sound like Zathras from Babylon 5. Are you a... sliiiiiiiderssssss.

@quark @Odo@tenforward.social

We are on open frequency good morning DS9. Private channels are available, if the gold pressed latinum is right.

@catgirl@lgbtqia.is Zuckerberg is a genetically modified Grey. Twisted and evil.

Facebook, move fast and break reality.


i <3 you too sweet thirty under thirty media luminary griffon mcelroy

@elecray7k would it help if he made his butthole bounce?

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