I discovered my first hidden camera at an AirBnB last week in Yerevan, Armenia. Always scan the wifi when you get to a new place!!

They had it hidden in the vacuum cleaner box with a little hole punched in the side...

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I reported the hidden camera after I checked out early and they immediately refunded me and suspended the account (and hopefully banned them).

As for how I found it, I used nmap to do a network scan and checked out the IP that wasn’t the router or one of my devices and it had some typical default credentials. I saw this article recently that goes deeper on finding cameras... isc.sans.edu/diary/How+to+Find

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I feel like I should also add that over the course of the last year I have stayed at 27 different AirBnBs and they handled it pretty well after I reported it. Also, I do not think it had anything to do with the fact it was in Yerevan, could have happened anywhere...

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@vgan I help run a couple of Airbnb places, I've wondered a few times about how to reassure people about what's NOT there as well as telling them what is.

A page in the guestbook listing all the devices we supply and expect to be on the wifi maybe ... maybe only one person in a hundred would care, but I'd like to make that person happy.

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