Interesting post from bird site. Could be fun to make a random number generator bot with this system.

I wrote some code for putting Bernie into places. Not sure if I should plug this into a bot or not.

I think I'm going to port over my magic eye generator bot from birdsite soon.

“feelnology” on it’s own sounds questionable but the logo for this TV is literally just a flying peen

just remembered this shop i saw in barcelona a couple of years ago...

My years of video game experience have trained me to find and disable these air freshener auto-turrets I find in all of my airbnb apartments.

I’ve been taking care of this muppet for a friend in Mexico City this week...

Just happened to arrive in Bratislava on the day celebrating the Slovak National Uprising (SNP). Free show in the park, vegan food and wine, good times!

Traditional mid-august Kino/ Viktor Tsoi celebration in the park.

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