The future will look at the first forty+ years of the video game industry & say, "This deeply toxic, misogynistic, adolescence-worshipping culture functioned as a core pillar of military-industrial complex propaganda, was instrumental as a vector of far-right global fascism through things like gamergate, & was emblematic of 'capitalism' -- profiting billionaires on the backs of criminally underpaid overworked kids."

The evolved sapient tardigrades will say, orbiting the lifeless husk of Earth.



TechCrunch: 3D-printed heads let hackers – and cops – unlock your phone.

@year_2038 example 2: VSCode wasn't able to find a font I had installed, but could find any system font. Ended up reinstalling with the .deb file and everything is fine now (and I have ligatures!)

@year_2038 example 1: I can't get spotify to download musics in my hard drive, since snap makes sure it cannot access but a few folders (in my ssd). ended giving up on it

@year_2038 snapcraft is nice and all but I've had quite a few headaches recently because of it :( still think it will be awesome eventually, it's just not there just yet

I can't believe there are people who see shoplifting from big corporations as a bad thing

Hypothesis: Anything a philanthropist can give the world as a gift, the world should have had by rights

Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That was a poem
From a simpler time

Boss makes three dollars
The economy's lit
I make a penny
And I haven't got shit

"I believe it’s unfair to presume that people are increasingly narcissistic for using these platforms. There’s a multibillion-dollar industry pulling us into our smartphones, relying on a longstanding human need for communication. (...) The urge to be present on social media is much more complex than simply narcissism"

Plant Microbial Fuel Cells let you enjoy both plants and solar energy at the same time!

Plants use light to produce sugars, and some of those sugars get deposited into the soil via the plants' roots. There, the plant sugars nourish soil bacteria, and with some clever use of electrodes, you can steal a little of the metabolic energy from those bacteria.

Essentially, you're using a living plant as a solar cell. It doesn't give you very much electricity but it's cool. πŸŒ±β˜€οΈ

I think something is draining the magic out of the world

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