And once again I'll be trying to spend more time here than on the birdsite, wish me luck

A lot of people find out that the W3C's governance is fucked up and overly dependent on corporate sponsorship (and it is) and then assume that the WHATWG must be a better institution (it isn't).

WHATWG is, for the most part, a "what-the-major-browser-vendors-say/do-rules" org. And keep in mind, that's now just two organizations (Google and Mozilla). That's good reason for pause.

The future will look at the first forty+ years of the video game industry & say, "This deeply toxic, misogynistic, adolescence-worshipping culture functioned as a core pillar of military-industrial complex propaganda, was instrumental as a vector of far-right global fascism through things like gamergate, & was emblematic of 'capitalism' -- profiting billionaires on the backs of criminally underpaid overworked kids."

The evolved sapient tardigrades will say, orbiting the lifeless husk of Earth.



TechCrunch: 3D-printed heads let hackers – and cops – unlock your phone.

@year_2038 example 2: VSCode wasn't able to find a font I had installed, but could find any system font. Ended up reinstalling with the .deb file and everything is fine now (and I have ligatures!)

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@year_2038 example 1: I can't get spotify to download musics in my hard drive, since snap makes sure it cannot access but a few folders (in my ssd). ended giving up on it

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@year_2038 snapcraft is nice and all but I've had quite a few headaches recently because of it :( still think it will be awesome eventually, it's just not there just yet

I can't believe there are people who see shoplifting from big corporations as a bad thing

Hypothesis: Anything a philanthropist can give the world as a gift, the world should have had by rights

Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That was a poem
From a simpler time

Boss makes three dollars
The economy's lit
I make a penny
And I haven't got shit

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