Good morning fedi-pals! I just pressed the buttons to make my game go live and I'm telling you first.

Before I vanish into more commercial social media promo land let me just say....

Thanks for all the feedback, love & support, and distractions over the last year or so of making this game. Your the best! I hope you get a chance to check it out.


Hey all. Does anyone do games coverage that would like to do some coverage of mine? πŸ˜…

No one is too small to help. Press release and playable available for anyone interested.

Boosts appreciated. Tag someone who might care ( clearly I don't know anyone who does. :blobsad: )

Thanks fedifriends! πŸ’–

Animated flashy videogamey gif attached....

Byte Driver is in open beta! If you're smart you'll wishlist it. If you're brave you'll play it right now! Boost if you're rad.

#GameDev #IndieGame #Announcement #SURVIVE

CW: Animated GIF

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stress vent 

Heyo. Popping here because is being weird. πŸ‘‹

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Kickstarter Ask / Boost Request 

Kickstarter Ask 

Please follow me at : @viTekiM so I can follow you back there too. πŸ‘

Since people keep following me here I figured I'd come back and say hi.


Final Week!

If you like racing, hacking, shooting, synthwave tunes, and/or vector display games, you should look at this one!

Hey I just popped in to toot my latest kickstarter endeavor.

I'm over in at full time now.

Follow me there if you don't okay? I miss you!

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@viTekiM Hey, I saw you've got a patch for the Beta. Patch notes?

This is the time where I shouldn't talk about the thing that I shouldn't talk about and it's much more fun than the approaching time of very few people caring about the thing that I am and should be talking about.

I'm enjoying this time.

I also like really complicated sentences.

Are you an R-COIL player? Are interested in hopping into a private beta to kick the tires for me? (please?)

Talk to me if yes to either.

Or if you want to know more.

Or if you just feel like talkin'. :)

"Watching Luka mix Alchemist Dream in a livestream one morning gave me new appreciation into this kind of musical collaboration. He and I are from different parts of the world, yet he allowed me to listen in as he worked. I found that experience quite magical." -- @dogtrax about @luka 's and his #MusicCollab song, Alchemist Dream, which you can listen to here:

It's a super intricate electronic song with strange vocals and a cool saxophone solo in the end! #music

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