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Heyo. Popping here because is being weird. πŸ‘‹

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Hey, do you like retro arcade games? Do you like supporting independent video game designers/multi-skilled artists who deserve a much bigger break than they've gotten so far?

Do you have $5USD to put towards a vector racing game? Or more?!

Go and support @viTekiM and back BYTE DRIVER!


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Please follow me at : @viTekiM so I can follow you back there too. πŸ‘

Since people keep following me here I figured I'd come back and say hi.


Final Week!

If you like racing, hacking, shooting, synthwave tunes, and/or vector display games, you should look at this one!

Hey I just popped in to toot my latest kickstarter endeavor.

I'm over in at full time now.

Follow me there if you don't okay? I miss you!

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@viTekiM Hey, I saw you've got a patch for the Beta. Patch notes?

This is the time where I shouldn't talk about the thing that I shouldn't talk about and it's much more fun than the approaching time of very few people caring about the thing that I am and should be talking about.

I'm enjoying this time.

I also like really complicated sentences.

Are you an R-COIL player? Are interested in hopping into a private beta to kick the tires for me? (please?)

Talk to me if yes to either.

Or if you want to know more.

Or if you just feel like talkin'. :)

"Watching Luka mix Alchemist Dream in a livestream one morning gave me new appreciation into this kind of musical collaboration. He and I are from different parts of the world, yet he allowed me to listen in as he worked. I found that experience quite magical." -- @dogtrax about @luka 's and his #MusicCollab song, Alchemist Dream, which you can listen to here:

It's a super intricate electronic song with strange vocals and a cool saxophone solo in the end! #music

Turns out, I can't just walk away like a reasonable person. Oh well.

I know I said I wouldn't, but I've got an R-COIL update in the works. πŸ˜…

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