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Mike T 🌈🐱 @viTekiM

doing a quick poll, boost if u agree with the thing i'm heavily implying is the right option (thus propagating my opinion further), fav if your opinion is wrong

Boost this then toot your 5 most recent emojis.

I can't wait to misuse a poll feature to make weird mastomemes.

[ ] Same
[ ] IDK
[ ] It's been

@Elizafox Yeah. Those books are almost old enough to drink in a bar. It's too much! I want my youth back!

@craigmaloney This seems like sound advice.

Historically, I post near constantly, because on birdsite no one looks at your stuff anyway, and it's all I'm thinking about for a month.

Seems wrong foot here though.

Thanks! 😀


Day -5: Hey, we're doing a thing.
Day -3: Remember, we have this thing
Day -1: Thing starts tomorrow
Day: 0: Hey, it's a thing Kickstarter!
Day 1: ICYMI: Thing!
Day 2: We really want to do the thing
(time passes)

Day 7: Hey, we're about to hit (amount) and we could use your support

(time passes)

Day 14: We're over the hump

72 hours: We're in the home stretch
48 hours: Reminder: This is it
24 hours: One more day


@sydneyfalk 👍😀

Let's never worry again!


@msk I think the idea was that your instance could decide to federated with it or not.

@msk For sure. I think there's an all bot instance!


I appreciate it! I was worried for a minute. 😅

@sydneyfalk I was just making a joke, but that sounds legit terrifying.

I never thought about a loss in continuity between past, present, and future selves.

Sorry. 😓

@sydneyfalk At last they don't have to hang out.



I find it helpful to think of him as a friend so that I'll remember to look out for him.

Then again, 40yo me would not get along with 20yo me because that guy...

@joeld That's a good answer! A little too good.


I think a lot about the nature of self over time.

How often is too often to toot about an active Kickstarter?

I don't have one. Asking for a friend.

That friend is a potential future me but if your lucky you'll be in a different future branch than him, so it's purely academic.

Still, the question stands.

@Elizafox There's an episode of The Outer Limits (the 90s one) that deals with this issue brilliantly.