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Mike T 🌈🐱 @viTekiM

What is shitposting, really?

You folks want to see some hilarious shit? This is me right out of surgery. Still blitz out of my mind.


Fuck the fuck off, flowman.

Alright alright, what's this flowman bullshit?

Would anyone be interested in a leftist gaming group? I'm thinking more of a social hub than centered on a specific game or game type. So, everyone would be welcome to join and talk about and play whatever video, board, card, or pen and paper roleplaying game they like. It'd be about taking a hobby we love back from the stereotypical gamer most people associate with this hobby.

If you're interested, all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

(My response to every feature request) It's technically possible... but we'd have to change the code...

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don't stop being weird

don't let anyone stop you from being weird

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@GinnyMcQueen I have lots of weird instrumental stuff at rainbowkitten.bandcamp.com lots of it is free.

You're quite welcome to use anything that works for you. All I ask is for a link.

@taylor That's a tough one. You've got us. That's not a ton but it's not nothing.

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