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Mike T ๐Ÿš€ Space Santa @viTekiM

Annual reminder that Y2K was a real problem, solved by countless nerds that did such a good job that everyone though it was just media hype.

Thanks old nerds!

ยท Web ยท 31 ยท 40

@viTekiM fuck those nerds!! i coulda got 18,901 years of compound interest paid into my bank account if it weren't for them

@jk @viTekiM and at current interest rates, that would get you

*furiously fiddling with a slide rule*

two dollars

@lycaon @viTekiM ill have you know that this year ALONE my bank paid me a handsome ยฃ1.34

@jk @lycaon That's a good bank! Mine steals my money with mysterious fees.

@viTekiM Here's a news article: nytimes.com/2010/01/01/opinion

My take: people *wanted* the world to end on y2k, because neoliberalism is corrosive and invisibly terrible.

@celesteh Interesting opinion piece. Thanks!

When I say it was real problem. I don't mean apocalyptic problem. I just mean people (myself included) did work to make sure 1999 didn't roll over to 1900. It wasn't fake. It was clearly blown out of proportion.