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I'm actively looking for a new job, after take a break for 2 months. Currently I'm faced with the "problem" that most of the positions that I find aren't interesting to me, in addition to me to being really sure of what i want to do.

Things that currently interest me:
- #rust
- functional programming #fp
- #postgres
- #NixOS

Things that I would like to avoid:
- C# / Java
- frondend stuff
- golang
- windows


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This poll above is 1 day left with 900 people already participating and still counting.

It is about #GiveupGitHub and #Codeberg as a solution.

Would you join us to boost and reshare? Please share your opinion if you don't mind.

Thank you.

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Backup reminder

please remember that a complete backup can save a lot of work. please back up your data regularly.

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TIL: this is what an undersea internet cable looks like. What an absolute unit.

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Bird social interactions are a mystery to me. We've got a bird feeder right outside the window. One bird will be feeding; another bird will fly up, then veer off at the last second. Other times the one feeding will fly away at the last second. Sometimes nobody flies away and there's a fight.

And more rarely, two birds will share. The coolest is a large(ish) bird with a red head and a tiny little yellow bird. It always makes me smile when I see that unlikely pair eating together.

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I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

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Hello, it's winter where I am but I understand a lot of the world is experiencing extreme heat. As an Australian who has survived weeks of above 40C temperatures, fires, and prolonged drought I have some advice.

- In dry heat close your house. Close windows, draw blinds. Darkness is your friend. Open at night.
- Heat rises, so keep low if able - downstairs instead of upstairs.
- Use fans / aircon if you have them but prepare for possible electricity outages as demand increases.
- Damp towel over forehead.
- Drink water. Have it with you all the time.
- Stay out of the sun. Remain inside or in shade.
- Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light clothing if you do go out.
- Reduce activity. Rest more. Don't go jogging at midday or anything like that. Heat is physically and mentally exhausting.
- Go out if you need to in the early morning or late afternoon / after dark.
- If you can, keep kids home, & work from home.
- If it's still hot at night take a quick cool shower. Sleep is easier at 20C or below.
- Check on elderly & frail. They are vulnerable.
- Let yourself sweat. But keep up electrolytes with sports drinks or medically appropriate hydrating drinks / something like that.
- Your workplace / school should develop an extreme heat policy for health & safety.
- Don't go sight see near fires. Stay away.
- Keep a radio or access to radio stations available for advice from your emergency services / weather / news services.

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Content Warnings aren't just for shocking or disturbing content.

They're for anything where it's unclear whether people want to see it right now, for example film spoilers.

Some people also use them for telling jokes, with the punchline revealed by clicking the warning open.

#FediTips #ContentWarning #ContentWarnings #CW #CWs

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Quick Mastodon appreciation post.

I created a non-personal meme Twitter account for an idea I had, (tech "leaks" from Dall E Mini) and just looking at tweets from the technology topic, there's so much unnecessary toxicity. I literally see it in almost every tweet I look at. I don't see that when I open up Mastodon. Everyone here has always been generally nice and not toxic, and I appreciate it! :)

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Ei Google, para onde foram as listagens das permissões na Play Store? 🤔

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Even if you are not a Linux user, adding "Linux" in the search query gives you better results.

Looking for a media transcoder? Chat app? Email client? YouTube downloader? Converter?
Just search for a Linux program and then check if there is a MacOS/Windows version.

You will be presented often with less bloated, free, lighter and safer software.

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Hey, are there other support accounts aimed at new users on here? Would be good to give some shoutouts.

The latest one I have noted is @MastOHelp but they haven't posted in a couple of months.

(boosts appreciated)

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@vicabr Who said cats and mice can't be friends? 🐭 😺

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Still debating if I should use the existing mastoapi or write more optimized api endpoints for the app.

Would you want to use the Pixelfed app with Mastodon or should I focus on just supporting Pixelfed instances?

It will take a bit more time to write the new endpoints, but they will enable more richer experiences - at the expense of mastoapi support.

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Goddamn.. :blobcatscared: My gf and me are thius month €845 short for the remaining bills still😨 We are currently looking for any way to fix this.. If anyone on the Fedi could help out this would be so amazing.. ❤️

Next month should be so much better... damn..

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P.S.: Os toots anteriores demoraram, em conjunto, quase uma hora a ser escritos. Talvez deva repensar todo este assunto das traduções 🤔

P.S. 2: Também tive de fazer toda uma ginástica para fazer com que cada mensagem coubesse no limite de 500 caracteres. Talvez deva mudar também de servidor 🧐

🇬🇧🇺🇸 (3/3): I like Mastodon because it reminds me of early Twitter, where tweets were read and written by real people. Encouraged by @darnell's toot [1], I'll do something I was already planning recently and ressurect , with:

@256 (old tech)
@tugatech (Portuguese tech blog)
@IzzyOnDroid (app repository - thanks for everything!)
@eviljarred (American on the loose in Portugal)
@stux & @hmy1110 (Mastodon's most adorable and/or generous pets)


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