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[moved] Vicky Lai @vickylai

I just now discovered that vimtutor exists. Is it weird that going through it makes me feel more like a hacker than writing actual code?

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Hi @vickylai I just realized that you are on mastodon.social - I'm curious, why did you choose that over the other communities?

@Argus It was the first one I tried when I signed up on a whim! Did you move instances? How did it affect your experience?

I did the same as you, I went to mastodon.social. Then I went on a bit of a tour to two or three other instances trying to find a good mix of technology and social activism. Landed at mastodon.social... My follow timeline and the federated timeline are the same, but the local conversations are more my speed.

Keep on doing that - i landed at mastodon.technology.

@Argus Well I just discovered the toot.cafe list of blocked instances, so now I'm tempted to move. 😕

@vickylai @Argus best is running an own instance. i do not block anything on my private instance. unsure why people block full instances, this is kinda censorship