Playing with color:

Look, it's every Geocities website I made in the 90s. (≧◡≦)

I did 6 pull ups in a row!!!111

New PR \(*^▽^*)/

I made some frankenpens! Here are my favourite Zebras now. Left, stock F-402. Centre, all-steel modded F-701. (I had a heck of a time putting it together and scratched up the top a little bit. -.-) Right, F-301 with grip from a F-402 - super comfy.

Getting settled in at ! offices are real nice.

Yes this illustration is for my upcoming code blog article why do you ask

I'm working hard and finishing a new coding article today so I made an epic power breakfast to help me do it! Tuna, 4% cottage cheese, and a sunny side egg. 💪


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