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I like that people are discussing alternatives to (yet again), and I also am fond of and what they've achieved in the past.

Having said that, I had to work with GitLab recently, and it was a nightmare. It's just trying too hard to be too many things at once & failing to be a serious contender for any of these purposes.

Please also consider alternatives like Gogs or Gitea. They both work incredibly well and are scaling to any size

What's the difference between a "social media network" and a "social media platform"? Is there one?

Ability's mother is Practice; its father, Knowledge.

"If you give us an interesting question to chew on we'll be grateful to you; good questions are a stimulus and a gift."

Timeless, required reading:

JULY 7 - Independence from centralized social media

On July 7 open your new mastodon, diaspora or GNU social account.

Tell your friends, spread the voice.

More links and initiatives at:

#deletefacebookday #deletefacebook #privacy #surveillance #decentralisation #manipulation #cambridgeanalytica #googleanalytics #fuckoffgoogle #decentralized #GDPR

I wrote a thing about time complexity. I can't decide if I'm prouder of the article or the title doodle. (^ー^)

Just to confuse the namespace out there, I think I'll invent a programming language called "Full Stack"

I made some frankenpens! Here are my favourite Zebras now. Left, stock F-402. Centre, all-steel modded F-701. (I had a heck of a time putting it together and scratched up the top a little bit. -.-) Right, F-301 with grip from a F-402 - super comfy.

Getting settled in at ! offices are real nice.

I've discovered that the only thing harder than coming up with good code examples is coming up with bad ones. See: upcoming article. 😤

I see people are finding birdshot again. I still plan to continue developing it, I've just been tied up.

Meanwhile, feel free to comment here or open Gitlab tickets.

I'd like to see "reading time" become a standard element of web pages. For a chronological timeline, it could update to tell you how much new material there is since your last page load.

Imagine how your behavior might change if you loaded an algorithmic timeline and it informed you, "Reading time: infinite."

"Why I'm automatically deleting my old tweets using AWS Lambda" from @vickylai

An article explaining the point of view of having ephemeral conversations on the Web like in IRL. (You don't need to understand the technical part).

I'm thinking about doing the same thing since some months.

#Twitter #Social #SocialMedia

@brunowinck Welcome! You might like to search for hashtags that interest you, and post an . :)

This morning I did some streamlining of my build process for one of my Hugo themes:

You can now use the included npm scripts to compile the Sass and pug files, instead of additionally installing gulp just to do this.

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