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um I guess I have to do one of those posts, right?

I'm a 26-year old brazilian guy who was sick of twitter and wanted something new and less nazi-friendly.

I love nintendo games, especially zelda/mario/rpgs, ace attorney, danganronpa, dragon ball, boku no hero and other stuff.

I'm graduated in journalism, did a documentary on gaming journalism, and I do write from time to time about either life experiences or one of the above topics, and I used to be a streamer/gaming youtuber.

oh wow knzk is shutting down... sad day really.

I've been using this .social account more because of better linking prospects but I liked knzk (both the server and the person running it)

the ambiance there was also pretty nice (except for when the drama "big account shitposters" took over but that was like 3 weeks) and I had lots of good moments there

I want an asmr consisting of basically the top 10 toots of the day read in a very quiet voice

I get a drawing board for my room and not two seconds after I leave my brother has already defaced it

my relatively conservative dad asked me how my english was and I absent-mindedly decided to show him my masto feed to prove I'm fluent

thank god HE doesn't understand english because the first thing that showed up was me saying I'd blow brian david gilbert and imagine explaining him all the implications of that one toot

I'm officially on old man territory now as I instead of keeping up with current music prefer to keep discovering stuff from the 90-2000s

I would blow brian david gilbert until he finishes listing the names of every paper mario infantry level enemies tbh.

oh- um, hey, didn't see you there! how do I set toots to myself only

it's pretty telling when people say piccolo is a "father figure" to gohan.

dude kidnapped the kid right after he lost his dad, then turned him into a child soldier by abusing him emotionally and throwing him into the wilderness

but he took a blast for him - in a world where resurrection is as easy as going on a shopping spree - so all is forgiven I guess!!

which means I'm actually doing self-care, but is it self-care if the motivation isn't careful, even if the end result ends up being caring--

ah, what, sorry I spaced out for a sec

self-loathing gets me to the gym faster than any level of motivation or good mood could ever get

finding a weird sense of delight in seeing so many angry people complaining about game of thrones bc I always said the show sucked

every time I listen to a soccer match on the radio rather than watching it my life expectancy drops a good 9 years or so

i remember when i found out your Myers–Briggs type changes with time. if that kinda thing matters to you, reminder to re-take the test because your results might be outdated.

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