@switchingsocial I am personally on the lookout for ethical electronics, and was wondering if there are any ethical computers out there as well as the Fairphone listed on My research hasn't given me any results for an ethical laptop, but the desktop side seems to be a little better. AMD doesn't seem to be too bad, but parts like the motherboard are hard to find ethical alternatives for. Any chance you know of resources for finding ethical computer hardware?

@QuantumHemp @switchingsocial I actually have the new Pi made in England which fulfills my ethical demands, but I can't imagine having only a gig of RAM and ARM as my daily driver.


The only hardware maker trying to be ethical that I know of is Fairphone :(

However, if you're able to, buying a used computer and/or fixing your current computer is the most ethical choice.

@switchingsocial That's what I thought... But this definitely goes to show that there is a market for ethical electronics made by people who get treated as people.


If people installed a lighter operating system, a lot of older devices would work quite well.

I guess a problem is batteries, once they die they die and they're usually not replaceable.

It would be great if governments mandated standard specs for laptop/phone/tablet batteries so that no device ever has to be abandoned just because of the battery wearing out.

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