What shell do you use/prefer in your GNU/Linux system?

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@victorhck fish for my interactive shell, bash for scripts

@victorhck zsh with oh-my-zsh I use some plugins and personalizations that makes the shell more comfortable for me

@victorhck zsh cause I'm just used to it. I wanted to switch to fish but I'm yet to find time to properly configure it.

@victorhck I used zsh on Linux but I'm now using ksh on OpenBSD

I use bash for practical reasons. It's usually there by default, and I'm used to it. Otherwise, ash, then sh.

On any unixish system, the default shell unless I have a really good reason not to.

@victorhck zsh for interactive stuff in Linux, rc for scripting and when I'm on Plan 9 (and in p9p acme on Linux)

@victorhck would probably like fish, but zsh with grml defaults is good enough

@grainloom @victorhck zsh is like awakening from bash and be like "my shell can WHAT"
Too bad it's MIT. macOS switched to it now because, guess what, they don't want GPLd shell.

@victorhck I voted ksh, though there are actually two variants in use: ksh93, which came from David Korn himself, and mksh, the MirBSD Korn shell, which itself was derived from pdksh, the Public Domain Korn Shell. It's available as one of the 3 defaults on NetBSD (the other two are sh and csh), is as much shell as I need, and, though they're on the decline, is available on just about every commercial Unix variant out there. I used to work with AIX and Solaris.

@victorhck last few months i gave a chance to python based xonsh (with prompt_toolkit2) and i am satisfied till now

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