@kev maybe try Mint Mate? It's lighter than Cinnamon.

@Gina @kev Forgive the "Why don't you just Google it" question, but what's the benefit of Mint Mate over Ubuntu Mate?

@mike @kev layout mostly 🤷‍♀️ I just didn't like the top menu bar that Ubuntu Mate ships with by default.

Yes most of our choices are made like that why.

@Gina Ahhh, I mess around with my interface a little, but for the most part I don't mind the top bar. I think mostly because lately Windows has been annoying me more and more, so avoid putting a "Windows Style" bar on the bottom of my screen anyway. Left? Sure. Right? Fine. Top? Why not. Bottom? Nope.


#screenshotsunday on Tuesday


@mike @Gina @kev@fosstodon.org
you can also add the tag to your screenshots. That will add "automagically" your screenshot to this gallery


(sorry for the offtopic)

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