A sign at the toll gate asks people to use alternative means of transportation today because and a shortage of cash

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“If we can provide more affordable internet, we can relieve a lot of problems.”

Read a spotlight on Irene Misoi, expert on community networks and system security, who's embedded with the @internetsociety in rural Kenya: t.co/dLzBa2kEkG tweeted by @mozilla

The falls carry very little water, but the river is always a source of life. Vegetables are out of stock - except for onions and cabbage, but cabbage isn’t served to tourists. Pap is also not served to tourists, and I miss pap. Everybody wants USD dollars in cash - yet not even RTGS dollars are to be gotten in cash. It is hot and dry and I am scared of the floods that will be coming soon. Elephants everywhere, so many elephants, too many elephants. …

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"If we can bring 2,000 people online in Kondoa, why not 20 million people in Tanzania?"

Mozilla Fellow @jaberamatogoro has an ambitious mission: connecting the millions of unconnected in Tanzania. Read his story: t.co/kCG9lBeYrs tweeted by @mozilla

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has grown so ubiquitous, we often interact with it without even noticing. So, asks the @NewYorker, will we take it too far? Should we be frightened of ? t.co/DrPAV9zGrc tweeted by @mozilla

Love actually IS all around at So excite that @cathleen_pics@instagram.com is finally joining the @labmobil@instagram.com as

As promised, I did check out the road to - and decided against it, when relatively steep hills were added to the dirt road. I’m most worried about broken axels because those will not be possible to fix without a crowdfunding campaign.. So I turned and continued towards Mthatha, only to have the engine break down on me repeatedly. First time I wanted to abort this mission - for about an hour. Today it’s already interesting again how changi…

‪28. The number of days it took until I first thought „Fuck it. I wanna go home and not think about roads and trucks ever again“ or is a question for tomorrow. G&T now. Exeffinghausted. Please send gifs. And cross fingers.

Just crossed the river kei. So we are now in what was once called (and is still by many) Transkei. Because across the kei when coming from Cape Town - it’s almost always easy to understand why a place needed a new name, don’t you think? The history is long and fascinating, the culture is rich and beautiful - and as is so often the case, apartheid led to poverty till this day. It’s always either here or in Limpopo where the statistics are worst and w…

So grateful that I could contribute my small share to this big issue with @mozilla & ! How do we reimagine and build an open internet for ALL? What’s needed according to 6 focus groups in : AND & for exchange and production that don’t reiterate bias!

Read more here: globalinnovationgathering.org/

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came all the way to Kigali, Rwanda to see the first e-motorbikes.
used here as moto-taxis - the most common way to commute in town.

especially in could provide alternatives to for in this beautiful coastal area of - and could amplify efforts with connected to installations. We have spent a day with a beautiful view brainstorming - time for tomorrow! 🙌🏼

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